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Jain International English Medium School, Jamner

Why This School?

>>Jain International School is full- fledged co-educational school offering Pre- Primary ,Primary and Secondary levels of education through a body of highly qualified and well trained teaching staff.
>>The medium of instruction is ENGLISH.
>>The school offers a complete and well balanced system of education.
>>The school curriculum is designed to help the student develop a well balanced personality and commitment.
>> It follows C.B.S.E. books of NCERT New Delhi.
“If a plant is carefully nurtures by a gardener, it will become good, and produce better fruit.”
Therefore children must be given good education / training form the earliest childhood

Parents students School authorities are team and complement each other’s efforts.
Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life and make our student’s the future hope of the country.

At the same time, our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to involve themselves in the board Co- curricular programme as well as Activities learning here takes shapes and forms. Students have the opportunity to participate fully on the sporting field, on the stage, and in leadership challenge each student and provide opportunities for success.
The curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, useful skills, Understanding Criteria’s thinking and Problem solving abilities for all students attending our School. The administration and staff believe that every student is unique and special and that they all have the ability to learn. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every student’s by encouragement to appreciate our diverse community and to care for others by becoming Global citizens. They are the future leaders and role model of Society.

Firoza Akil Khan


Highest % Score of 9th
Average % Score of 10th

Khandesh is known as the work place of Sane Guruji, birth place of Bahinabai Chaudhari and Balkavi Tryambak Bapuji Thombre, who had taken a lead role in the field of education and culture. Having such a great legacy in the region, on 22nd July 2008 Prakashchand Jain Bahuddeshiya Sanstha was established. And now with the same purpose, the society has laid the first stone in the way of Jain International English Medium School at an enchanting outskirt of Jamner.
Management Member
The managing council consist of :
Mr. Rajkumar P. Kawdiya >> Chairman
Mr.Manojkumar P. Jain >> Secretary
Mr. Prakashchand H. Oswal >> Member
Mrs. Savita M. Jain >> Member
Mr. Abhay P. Kawdiya >> Member
Mr. Santosh M. Sancheti >> Member
Mr. Ashok C Talera >> Member
Mr. Shailesh K Lalwani >> Member
Mr. Ritesh P Chopda >> Member
Dr. R. N. Shukla >> Director
Mrs. Firoza Khan >> Principal

The management is confident and determined to play unconventional role in education of this region. Further it is believed that the children will ever remain in happy and in joyous mood to enhance the liking and development of learning and be attentive towards their health, qualities and all round development. The management reiterates its commitment to give the best possible education.

Dear Pupil,
Character makes a man. A school is not an institution where only knowledge is acquired but a nursery for inculcating and developing character.

Below are the guidelines for Students

>>Acquire knowledge persistently in order to become an educated and cultured citizen.
>>Be accurate in taking down notes, assignments for home work and schedules for the next lessons. Attempt home work unaided and keep parents well- informed about the school assignments.
>>Cherish the honour of the nation, School family and one’s own and defend It by one’s deeds, work and training.
>>Desist form the use of coarse expressions bad language and all such activities which may affect self honour and image.
>>Enter the classroom and take one’s place immediately after the bell rings. During the lesson, enter or leave the class room only when it is urgent u\ and that too with the teacher’s permission.
>>Feel happy by being well-groomed and neatly dressed.
>>Great fellow students, teachers, Principal and elders with polite salutations. Be respect to everyone.
>>Help the old,the weak the sick and small children.
>>Inculcate the habit of keeping your Library Card, School Diary and Progress Report Card arefully and produce them whenever required.
>>Judge others not by their looks but by their work, manners and helpful nature.
>>Keep your surroundings neat and tidy.
>>Lay aside laziness launch a campaign for punctuality.
>>Maintain order and cleanliness at home and in the classroom.
>>Note down your difficulties and be ready for the lesson before the teacher arrives.
>>Obey the instructions of the Principal and teachers of the School as well as of one’s parents and seniors.
>>Protect School property. Personal belongings and belongings of the others.
>>Queue up while awaiting your turn or when moving in the corridors of the School.
>>Remember to stand up when a teacher , the Principal or a visitor enters or leave the room.
>>Sit upright during the lesson. It helps to concentrate on the lesson. Do not lean on the elbows or slouch.
>>Toil hard today as the student life is the only period to shape your destiny.
>>Underscore your goals and set your goals and set your priorities; and channelize; all your energies towards their accomplishment.
>>Venerate respect those who deserve it, rich or poor weak or strong. Never bend your knees before.
>>Watch your words, watch your actions and watch your thoughts so that no finger is pointed at you.
>>Yield the best in the worst circumstances as every experience teachers you something good.
>>Zap all the negative emotions as they are your own enemies.

I wish you success in your work.

Best Regards,
Firoza Akil Khan

1. Date and schedule for admission formalities shall be displayed on the school notice board in the first week of January every year.
>> Online registration for admission is compulsory.
*Child age should be as per below mentioned criteria.
Nursery : Not below 3 years.
LKG : Not below 4 years.
UKG : Not below 5 years.
Class I : Not below 6 years.
Class II : Not below 7 years.
Class III : Not below 8 years.
Class IV : Not below 9 years.
Class V : Not below 10 years.

2. Please upload the scan copies of the following documents along with the form.
a. Birth Certificate.
b. The original School leaving certificate.
c. Mark sheet of the examination from the last school attended.
d. Passport size photograph of the student,
e. Caste Certificate
f. Health certificate. Upload this document in 'Other Document's' section on page 4 of the form)
g. Aadhar card of student. Upload this in 'Address Proof Section' on the page 4 of the form.

3. After you fill the online application take the printout of the registration form and submit at school along with above mentioned documents.
(Originals birth certificate will not be returned after verification. Affidavit of an original birth certificate is not acceptable)

Computer lab

Computer is very important part of our life. Today’s world is the computer world. Therefore it is necessary that students must have computer practical knowledge. Theoretically they can understand concept but when they doing practical the concept is very clear and they will remember it for lifetime. Students are enjoying computer practical. In computer lab students are learning so many new things. For example: • Students of Preprimary class learns painting, calculator, typing in WordPad or MS word • Students of Primary Class learn making presentation, programming languages, creating WebPages etc.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is well ventilated hall and provide clear and better environment. It helps student to handle the corrosive and flammable liquid carefully.

Biology Lab

The biology lab is fully equipped which provide hand knowledge to students about the subject.

Maths Lab

Maths is imaginative subject and it comes in real when its practical is done. So curiosity of students is satisfied by maths lab. Maths lab is a place where students theoretical concept is practiced by experiments. Every student is empowered for there active participation to learn by doing practicing.

Library Lab


Rugby Football

Our team won the title of Junior State Level Rugby Competition

Yoga Classes

Special focus on fitness


Yoga Day

Annual Function

We host the mega dance events.

Social Events


Hosting Festivals in School

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Hosting Festivals in School

Christmas Celebration

Model Making Events

We bring out the best in students.

Fun trips

We visited water park last year.

Fun trips

Rain dance

Smart Classes

We teach through the engaging and technical advanced classes.

Class Rooms

Proper sitting arrangement with low student to teacher ratio to enable special focus on every child.

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