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New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri

Why This School?

New Oasis English School and Junior College is located in the lush countryside of Phulambri. A multidisciplinary, state- of-the-art international school, New Oasis prides itself in being the first of its kind in Phulambri because of its infrastructure and curriculum, making it one of the best schools in Phulambri.

The curriculum involves sports and performing arts, promising a holistic experience for each child. The facilities ensure the overall development of a child through activities like cricket, football and kho-kho. Our students also learn dance, speech and drama.

We are one of the best schools in Phulambri. Our teachers are experts in their fields and strive hard to bring out the best in each child.

Honorable Mr. Rajendra. C. Wagh

Our mission is to provide the children of India with the necessary skills to face the challenges of the 21st century.

New Oasis English School legacy is long and enduring. For over 10+ years, the New Oasis family has made education a mission and quality the fulcrum of their commitment. Today, New Oasis English School and Junior College cater to the educational needs of over 500+ learners annually. We have been entrusted with their future, their careers and their lives ahead. We need to nurture them as learners, inculcate values and arm them with the necessary skills that will help them make the nation proud.
The management of New Oasis English School and Junior College brings together a great learning community. We strive to build independent, responsible, global citizens through a widely accepted curriculum and practices that are founded on learner-centric education. Therefore, New Oasis School will impart world class education through the best use of modern resources, developing young minds to think, question and create.
Our network of schools aim to fuse the strong cultural fundamentals of Indian society with advanced learning tools acquired from the world over giving education an exciting and dynamic direction.
As we open our doors to each new generation of students, expectations run high as we believe that each and every one of them will grow into the stars in our skies. Every day, every year we scale new heights, never standing still.

Honorable Mr. R. C. Wagh
New Oasis English School and Junior College

“We do no great things, only small things with great love” These words of Mother Teresa echo our humble effort towards the noble endeavor of education.

At New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri we take the responsibility of nurturing our children’s dreams seriously and ensure they enjoy their academic journey.

The development of a society, nation, or people is closely related to its educational attainments. Education is the sum total of the experiences of an individual where the parents and the environment play a significant role. Education is an ongoing process in the lifetime of an individual, a process from being to becoming. The contribution of schooling in building character and intellectual capacity is immense. New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri is committed to imparting quality education and holistic development of children, by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students and helping them acquire skills to build on strengths and overcome weaknesses at the same time.

Every child is unique and has been gifted with immense fascination towards learning and acquiring skills of analyzing, understanding, and exploring. Education adds rationality to one’s thinking, makes one knowledgeable and self-sufficient. The purpose of education is not just to make a child literate.

The quality of one’s life stems from the quality of education one gets in childhood. Quality not quantity is the measure for the New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri. I strongly believe that “Success is a journey, not a destination. It is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key to success.”

I firmly believe that Academic excellence is paramount but equally important is the development of skills like communication, sportsmanship, a sense of social and moral values, self-esteem and confidence, sensitivity for national pride, and the attributes to become good citizens of the country.
The learning process has to generate interest in the students and motivate them to nurture the learning experience for a lifetime rather than to run away from it. It is an integral part of children’s growth and will help them become good human beings.

I believe it is our duty to give tomorrow’s world a well-educated and disciplined young generation. I foresee that in the coming times these students will grow to make our school and their families proud.

We continuously strive to get better & better every day in every way. Let’s spread our wings, break limitations and soar to great heights together.

We welcome you to join the New Oasis family and to give your child the best when it comes to an integrated, holistic and empowering learning experience.
With regards and prayers

Mrs. K. Y. Dhandge
New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri


1. The age of admission to Nursery for this academic year 2½ - 3½ years and for Std. I
for this academic years is 5½ - 6½ years completed on 31st March. Before the
admission is completed each student must produce a leaving certificate from the
recognized school last attended. If he comes from outside. The leaving certificate
must be countersigned by the Education Officer of that place.
2. The management reserves to itself the right of admission.
3. Admission if open to all caste, creed and community without distinction provided
children are deemed capable of drawing benefit from the kind of education imparted.
4. Those applying for admission are, as a rule to appear for achievement tests in the
main subjects. They are tested as for terminal level of the class below the one for
which the seek admission.
5. A pupil who has attended a recognized school must submit a Transfer Certificate
from the school. In the case of student form unrecognized private school or those
who have not attended school. Official birth certificated from such as the Municipal
or Panchayat, in support of the date of birth must be submitted AFFIDAVITS ARE
NOT ACCEPTED as a valid document. Excepting for clerical error. Claims for
change of date of birth are not entertained.
6. All documents submitted at the time of admission, become the property of the school
and cannot be returned.
7. In the event of any clerical error, regarding date of birth in the Report card or
certificate issued must be brought to the notice of office immediately for rectification.
8. Name of pupils, who remain absent without leave, for ten consecutive days. Will be
struck off the rolls. On their returning to school, if accepted, a re-admission fee will
be charged.


1. One calendar moth’s notice will have to be given for the withdrawal of the child from
the school. However, full installment of fees will be charged.
2. All dues must be cleared and books and other school property and items returned
before the child is withdrawn and Transfer Certificate obtained.
3. Pupil who gets “NOT PROMOTED” status in a class for two consecutive years will
not be allowed to continue in the school.
4. The management reserves to itself the right to dismiss any student.
All Certificates- school leaving, character, Bonfire, Domicile, etc. will be issued
after seven days of application. Apply for such certificates well in time.


1. Fee is to be remitted in the school office.
2. The eleven months tuition fee is paid in three installments i.e in the month of june,
September and December
3. Fee installment must be paid by the 10th of the month.
4. A late fee of Rs. 5/ will be charged in case fees are paid after the 10th of the month.
5. No deduction are made for vacation or broken periods. Fee once paid is not
6. Parents should ensure that the Registration Number. Class section and the Name of
the student are duly entered in the Fee Book in order to avoid inconvenience
7. Fee is subject to revision at the discretion of the Management.
8. Pupils will not be allowed to sit for any of the examination unless all dues of the
school are paid up to the date. No Transfer Certificate will be issued unless all sums
of dues to the school have been paid in full.
9. Repeated defaulters in payment of fees will be given a written warming twice and the
name permanently struck of the rolls for default thereafter.
10. Legal action will be taken against parents whose children leave school without
clearing their dues.

The State of the Art Computer Lab

New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri has given immense importance to computer education. The functions of computer labs have changed over the years from general computer instruction to technology labs with intensive education specific software. The lab has a multimedia PC with all the required software packages. Online labs allow students and teachers to do more research by accessing information on a global network during school hours.

Science Lab

School labs are a great place for students which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms. Well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments fun but also help students in achieving good academic results.

Sports Facility

Sports at New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri is not only a recreational activity for children to stay active, but it also results in improving their academic growth. The benefits of sports for students include improving their self-esteem, developing interpersonal social skills and much more. It is believed that when children engage themselves in activities that synchronise with their individual interests, it results in enhancement of their psychosocial development. This not only helps in learning several beneficial activities, but also allows them to express themselves, self-discover and become an independent individual with morals and values.

Overall Development

Academic learning and sports education always complements each other. We at New Oasis English School and Junior College, Phulambri believe that they are just the two sides of the same coin. What students mainly learn from sports are the qualities of team spirit, leadership, sharing, tolerance among others.

Music and Dance

At New Oasis English School and Junior College, one of the top schools in Phulambri, music is not regarded as a standalone subject but is incorporated into the curriculum itself. It is an integral part of every student’s life. The Music Academy at our school offers students a wide array of opportunities in both music and dance. The school has well qualified teachers who teach students to play a variety of musical instruments, such as the guitar, congo drums, violin, sitar, keyboards, drums, harmonium, table, and to sing as well. Students are exposed to western as well as Indian classical dance forms.

Trips & Excursions

New Oasis English School and Junior College organizes frequent trips and excursions to expose students to the vibrant world that lies outside the school room. The school field trip has a long history of public education. For decades, students have piled into yellow buses to visit a variety of cultural institutions, including art, natural history, and science museums, as well as theatres, zoos, and historical sites. Although going on a school outing means escaping the classroom drudgery for a day, the learning is not necessarily paused-rather enhanced.

Field Trips

On a field trip, students interact with each other and with their teachers in a less formal environment, where they have the opportunity to enrich their education through actual experience.

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