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Why This School?

Dear parents and students with immense pleasure I welcome you all to our website.
As principal I am hugely impressed by the commitment of the management and the staff for providing excellent infra structure and all round education facilities for our students.

As a team working together, we strongly promote academic achievement among our students, the culture, sporting and other successes of all our students and staff are also proudly celebrated together.

SANSKAR SHIKSHA NIKETAN running under the aegis of shree sadhna shiksha seva samiti.
An innovative school makes use of the talents and skill of staff student and parent to provide a wide range of educational programs and projects.

Whole some participation is encouraged in extra-curricular activities and care is also taken to ensure the well being and happiness of each and every student in the short .

Our institute is a symbol of progressive and quality education. Our motto is, “ we educate, we culture.“ Our school is scaling new heights with excellent and reputed professionals. Our aim, importantly is make education is a fun filled enjoyable, learning and growing experiences on the solid foundation of values .

We are all blessed by our honorable and center of inspiration.

श्रद्धेय स्वामी श्री सदानंदजी।

We all once again welcome to all our website. I hope you find our website is help full to one and all.
let’s have a great time together.

Mr. Vikas Sarode

Message From Director's Desk......
श्री स्वामी सदानंद जी महाराज के आर्शीवाद से
Sanskar Shiksha Niketan has an objective of providing an outstanding 360 degree education in the form of developing leadership, Character building and co-curricular activities along with academics with eligible team of educators, who have driving force in the all round development of the school.
School campus is child friendly centres that encourage student to enjoy learning and explore their own uniqueness. We ensure the school satisfy the changing demands of the times through better infra structure.
We have a strong faith that education is not only a tool to achieve professional milestone, but also a means to make lives better.
" Our aim is to provide positive impulse to every child to strech his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process."
I feel proud that Sanskar Shiksha Niketan stands committed to provide comprehensive education, which helps the children into academically sound and morally upright.
Education is a complete process that leads to the attainment of the full potential of the child. Our endeavours is to inculcate them with life skills to face the real word.
Our aim is not to only be an administrator, but also to be a friend, philosopher and guide to students on whom they can count on and trust at all times.

Thanks and Regards
Mr. Neeraj Gupta
Director: President
Sanskar Shiksha Niketan

Sanskar Shiksha Niketan prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our students develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

Confidence, Independence, Persistence, Resilience, Respect

Sanskar Shiksha Niketan is committed to provide an educational program that develops students' curiosity and creativity. To develop responsible and engaged learners. To foster tolerance, respect and acceptance of others. To build each student's resilience and self-esteem. To provide a curriculum that is rich and relevant and allows all students to succeed. To promote a strong, supportive partnership between home and the school and the wider community. To have high expectations of ourselves and others.

To nurture young minds, to focus on their holistic development and to develop their moral, ethical, human and spiritual values so that each child may develop Character and Confidence with a deep rooted passion in pursuit of excellence.

Sanskar Shiksha Niketan is a proud mission driven community providing a quality education, celebrating the fact that each student is different, as a person and as a learner. We believe that powerful learning and teaching occurs under a shared spirit of respect which creates of passionate schooling experience recognised for its warmth energy and excellence. Here people are valued and can fulfill their potential both as teachers and learners. We offer the CBSE curriculum which is balanced course nurturing the child to develop as a whole individual.

"Active and effective planning is the foundation on which the school achieves its success"

Our three significant factors which makes SSN so different and appealing as curriculum, faculty and facility. Which makes us distinctly unique and certainly appealing to those who wish to have their child thoroughly grounded in English and well prepared.

SSN offers a student centre performance driven program where is students are taught knowledge to apply it and to create with it, and to communicate with it.

We promote self Reliance, personal development and empathy, valuing all members of the school community equally and taking opportunities to facilitate students working together across all age groups.

As a principal, it is gratifying to know that our teachers are qualified, dedicated and laborious.

As a parents you will be confident that your child are in a good hands with an excellent teaching faculty that is committed to your children.


1. The age of admission to Nursery for this academic year 2½ - 3½ years and for Std. I
for this academic years is 5½ - 6½ years completed on 31st March. Before the
admission is completed each student must produce a leaving certificate from the
recognized school last attended. If he comes from outside. The leaving certificate
must be countersigned by the Education Officer of that place/CBSE Delhi.
2. The management reserves to itself the right of admission.
3. Admission if open to all caste, creed and community without distinction provided
children are deemed capable of drawing benefit from the kind of education imparted.
4. Those applying for admission are, as a rule to appear for achievement tests in the
main subjects. They are tested as for terminal level of the class below the one for
which the seek admission.
5. A pupil who has attended a recognized school must submit a Transfer Certificate
from the school. In the case of student form unrecognized private school or those
who have not attended school. Official birth certificated from such as the Municipal
or Panchayat, in support of the date of birth must be submitted AFFIDAVITS ARE
NOT ACCEPTED as a valid document. Excepting for clerical error. Claims for
change of date of birth are not entertained.
6. All documents submitted at the time of admission, become the property of the school
and cannot be returned.
7. In the event of any clerical error, regarding date of birth in the Report card or
certificate issued must be brought to the notice of office immediately for rectification.
8. Name of pupils, who remain absent without leave, for ten consecutive days. Will be
struck off the rolls. On their returning to school, if accepted, a re-admission fee will
be charged.


1. One calendar moth’s notice will have to be given for the withdrawal of the child from
the school. However, full installment of fees will be charged.
2. All dues must be cleared and books and other school property and items returned
before the child is withdrawn and Transfer Certificate obtained.
3. Pupil who gets “NOT PROMOTED” status in a class for two consecutive years will
not be allowed to continue in the school.
4. The management reserves to itself the right to dismiss any student.
All Certificates- school leaving, character, Bonfire, Domicile, etc. will be issued
after seven days of application. Apply for such certificates well in time.


1. Fee is to be remitted in the school office.
2. The eleven months tuition fee is paid in three installments i.e in the month of june,
September and December
3. Fee installment must be paid by the 10th of the month.
4. A late fee of Rs. 5/ will be charged in case fees are paid after the 10th of the month.
5. No deduction are made for vacation or broken periods. Fee once paid is not
6. Parents should ensure that the Registration Number. Class section and the Name of
the student are duly entered in the Fee Book in order to avoid inconvenience
7. Fee is subject to revision at the discretion of the Management.
8. Pupils will not be allowed to sit for any of the examination unless all dues of the
school are paid up to the date. No Transfer Certificate will be issued unless all sums
of dues to the school have been paid in full.
9. Repeated defaulters in payment of fees will be given a written warming twice and the
name permanently struck of the rolls for default thereafter.
10. Legal action will be taken against parents whose children leave school without
clearing their dues.


1. Students are encouraged to class and school libraries under the guidance of their class
teachers and the librarian.
2. Silence must be observed in the library at all times.
3. Library books are issued to the pupil once a week. On the days fixed for each class.
These must be returned within 7 days, if required, may be re-issued for another 7
4. Students are expected to take care of the library books. Writing or marking on a book
is strictly forbidden. Damage/loss of books. While in possession of the students. Will
have to be made good by the student in whose name the boos is issued. (RED Card)
5. Books are issued exclusively for the use of the borrow. Anyone found loaning boos
to other person might be denied the facility of the library. (Yellow Card)
6. Reference books and periodicals will not be issued to the students. However. The
may refer to them during the library period.
7. Books must be returned the commencement of each terminal examination. If students
fail to do so neither their result nor the school leaving Certificate will be issued.
8. Library fines are to be paid at the school office and a receipt obtained


Nursery to UKG:
Classes Nursery to UKG will have three tests during the academic year. Detailed
report cards showing the grades obtained by the pupils are issued for the information of
parents. Shortly after the examination have been held. The result of the examinations held at
the end to the academic year will be handed over to pupil/parent on the final result
declaration day

Classes I To V will have continuous & comprehensive evaluation which comprise of
four formative assessments FA1,FA2,FA3,FA,4 and two summative Assessments SA1 &
SA2 during the academic year besides the class tests. Result will be based on total marks
obtained in all formative & Summative Assessments and achievements in the co-scholastic

Class VI to VIII will have uniform system of Assessment and examinations as per
CBSE guideline, based on two terms Term-1 (Half Yearly exam) and Term-2 (Yearly
exam) (each 100 Marks) following periodic tests, result will be based on Point grade scale
and report card will be handed over to pupil/parent of final result declaration day.

1. It is compulsory for all students to complete 75% attendance before every exam to
make them eligible to appear for the examination. In case attendance is short students
will not be eligible for promotion/any academic award.
2. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than ten
consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls
re-admission may be granted only on due consent of principal after paying admission
3. A child returning to school after recovering from an infectious or contagious disease
should produce a fitness certificate form a doctor.
4. Students suffering from any one of the following diseases must observe the
prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.
a) Chicken pox - Till complete falling scabs.
b) Cholera - Till the child is completely well
c) Measles - Two weeks after the rash disappears.
d) Mumps - Until the swelling has gone.
e) Whooping Cough - Six weeks.
f) Jaundice - Six weeks.
5. For leave of absence for 1-3 days, it is sufficient to apply through the pages of the
Almanac. For leave of a absence for more than 3 days, a letter of application along
with a medical cerifificate must also be sent.
6. Every absence (Sick leave or otherwise) must be entered briefly in the NOCATTENDANCE
AND LEAVE RECORD and signed by the parent or guardian.
7. Those absent without prior leave will be fined at the rate of Rs. 20 per day. (RED
8. For marriage within the family only one day’s leave is granted as a rule. For this prior
sanction is needed.
9. Absence from school prior to a test will adversely affect the student’s grade in the
10. All are expected to attend class on the re-opening day after each of the vacations.
Those absent without prior leave-will be fined at the rate of Rs. 20 per day. Those
absent because of sickness must inform the school before or on the reopening day
and present a medical certificate before they are admitted to the class, failing which
they too must pay the above penalty. Absence without leave for more than five days
immediately after a vacation renders the student liable to dismissal.
11. Parents are requested to adjust their programmer of leaving the station, etc, So as
to coincide with the holidays of the school and thus reduce to an absolute minimum
the need for absence on school days which is always detrimental to the smooth
running and discipline of the school.
12. A student, who arrives late, will be required to bring an explanatory note from the
parents. (Blue Card)
13 All explanatory notes for absence/late arrival should be handed over t class teacher.
No one, who is late or has been absent on the previous day. Will be admitted to class
without prior permission of the Principal.
14. No leave will be granted during the examination.
15. Student who are late for the third time will be sent home and considered absent.
16 Students will not be allowed to leave school early, without parents/guardian presents
a written note to the principal for reason of emergency.
Note: The money collected in fines is used entirely to help financially under- privileged
student of the school.

Science Lab

"The laboratory has always been regarded as an integral and important part in the teaching of Science." Our school has a science lab where students can do experiments, explore or learn new things with the help of teachers. This helps students to remember the lessons better in practice by doing their own assessment. It gives students basic knowledge and provides better learning opportunities. The laboratory is not a competition whose aim is to find the "right answer", but the aim is to learn how to find information, how to see and read the meaning of what is happening.

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