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Why This School?

At LORDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we believe that every child is precious and must have the best opportunity to excel. Based on this belief, our vision is to provide opportunities to continually enhance and enrich the lives of our children.

We are committed to strive towards a system of quality education, developing the holistic personality of a child and making learning a pleasure, providing many opportunities of advancement of growth by constant participation in games, sports and co-curricular activities.

LORDS is one of the few schools where the maximum emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. Teachers are motivated to take personal interest in each individual, to help each child grow not only in knowledge but in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, resourcefulness and resilience. All our teachers are qualified, experienced and well trained.

We offer our students a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes designed to ensure opportunities for all to participate.

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Our Toppers

About School
Lords International School is one of the top schools in Alwar, India. We believe that the purpose of education is not just imparting knowledge but to create a character, discipline and ethics in the students. We believe in developing all round personality of our students so that they can be responsible citizens of our country.

The Canteen serves healthy, nutritious and fresh food throughout the year to students. Breakfast, lunch and departure snacks are provided every day to children.

The arts are alive at LIS where creativity is both an academic and a pastoral pursuit . Our intention is to enhance a love and understanding of cultural diversity and what it brings in terms of a greater sense of who we are…..

Pre-Primary Section
Pre Primary section is the hub of activities with designed class-rooms. A mini stage is yet another place used for celebrating all festivals and days. We give our little ones very best, and every day, an ideal location and pollution free environment for learning .

Rhymes and stories offered to the children are based on facts. In class LKG and UKG curriculum is being followed for the children during school hours and is given to the parents to follow. Parents are requested to allow their child to play and learn naturally. The school is a place of fun and productive learning. To create their interest in studies they were shown visual display of the particular topic through the projector and power point presentation. Soft boards are updated according to the chapter taught in the class.

Care for the environment
Teaching is incomplete if a child is unaware about his/her environment so we give importance to environment education to little ones. We teach them how to take care of the plants. Various activities such as watering plants, gardening, planting trees and many more are done.


Maths Lab

There is a separate room for Mathematics. The setting and arrangement of this room is such that it creates an atmosphere for the study and teaching Mathematics. Different charts, models, projects depicting various applications of Mathematics are displayed in this room. These are of great help to students from K.G to 12. The main aim of teaching of Mathematics is the development of power of abstract thinking and reasoning. When students handle concrete objects their learning is quicker and understanding is better. Students learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify theorems through variety of activities using different materials. Practical work makes the subject interesting and relates with everyday life. This also helps the students to apply Mathematical facts and principals in their actual life. Students also play Mathematical games on computers. This also they enable them to Learn by doing. The things so learnt are retained in the mind for a longer time. In lower classes also laboratory work helps the students in learning elementary Mathematics. Even the mentally deficient children can profit from practical work. Photographs of different working models and projects related to the curriculum and recreational activities such as puzzles riddles etc. Make the subject lively and interesting.

Social Science Lab

In LIS learning social science is made memorable with the help of charts, maps, globes, ppts, working models and many non-working models and films in the lab that actually enable the students to walk back in time and relive landmark events in history or explore the unresolved mysteries of the universe. The social science lab of LIS enables the young learners to work on the interfaces of the various landforms and ocean currents as well as the different ages and their landmarks that this world has gone through. Laboratory sessions were taken continuously to upgrade their knowledge regarding weather, climate, maps, vegetation, soils, landforms, solar system, eclipse, volcanoes, and ocean currents etc. For junior standards conservation of natural resources including soil, water, wildlife and forests as interrelated components are taken.

Language Lab

Language lab is a new way to sharpen Spoken English Skills. It aims to enhance proficiency in Spoken English through the emphasis on activity based learning. So LIS has provided an effective language lab to the students so that they can communicate effectively, have a strong vocabulary, have a good diction & be confident. We try to inculcate good English Language Skills right from the primary level. The language lab trains students in Spoken English through a well-defined curriculum & focus on the skills of listening, reading, speaking & writing. The lab has the capability to cater to 40 students simultaneously. It is equipped with quality student units, headphones, computers, tape-recorders, blackboard and display board. In the lab, various individual & group tasks are administered to make the students learn to use the language confidently like viewing of foreign language periodicals, bulletin boards, information on trips & foreign language clubs. It is a focal point of modern foreign language education in a school to have the language skills of students. The students also learn proper stress & intonation patterns & also gain fluency & accuracy in the language through varied fun-filled activities. This lab is very useful for assessing students’ speech & it provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language & to acquire a good command of the language for communication purposes. The lab helps students to practice at ones own place, stress more on their problem areas, advance systematically & practice without feeling shy. This year we are also planning for French Language Lab.

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