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Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium C.B.S.E School

Why This School?

Dr. Jagdish Patil English CBSE Medium School, Muktainagar is a co-educational school that positively provides equal opportunities to all children irrespective of caste, creed, or social origin. As we are pursuing CBSE, we strive for our level best in order to implement CCE & CCA to the fullest. Both of our annual planning and curriculum are sphere headed to achieve the aim with no compromise. In case, we assure you the environment at the school is the best one in fostering the mind of one and all budding buddies. In short, we believe in educating children to be global citizens who will be capable of coping up with challenges, devoid of prejudices as proud Indians.
- Child-centered value-based education of global standards with CBSE Board CCE curriculum.
- Emphasis on holistic growth to promote academic excellence as well as the inculcation of moral values.
- Projects, activities, and assignment-based learning which makes students prepared for life.
- Well stocked library, Science Labs, Maths lab, Eco club, and highly equipped - multimedia computer lab.
- Dedicated faculties who are mentors, facilitators & guides.
- Enrichment learning for students from VIII to XII – Nurture class as a foundation for competitive exams.
- Experienced and Qualified Counsellor for the Well-being of students.
- State of the art infrastructure with spacious classrooms with interactive smart boards, a multipurpose hall, an indoor play area and a huge playground.
- Trained expert Coach available for various Sports and games – Cricket, Kho-Kho, kabaddi, Volleyball, Chess, Badminton, and Yoga, etc.
- Specialized training and guidance available for Art, Craft, dance, dramatics, and co-curricular activities.
- 24x7 securities with vigilant security staff (CCTV installed on campus).
- Consistent record achievement of students – in Competitive exams,
- Career Guidance sessions, Industry Visits, and Workshops by eminent personalities arranged to inspire the students – as Guest lecturers once in a quarter.
- Teachers Training held at regular intervals to upgrade and update them, to equip and to empower them as well.



Highest % Score in 7th
Highest % Score in 8th

Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest educational board in the country and is duly recognized by the Department of Education, Government of Maharashtra as well. The school affiliation number is 1130606.
At Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School, "Education for Life, Excellence in Education and Commitment to a meaningful Education" are of prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child. Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School believes that love for education should be developed for children in initial years and conditions should be created for them to pursue a positive approach in life.
Here the teacher becomes the facilitator initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. Development of oral and written expression is emphasized upon. Home assignments are not a carry-over of classwork but oriented towards honing individual talents.
We have following objectives so that students -
• Are interested and motivated in their work;
• Achieve success and make progress in their learning;
• Derive satisfaction from their achievements;
• Have confidence in their ability to work at an appropriate level;
• Experience an appropriately broad and balanced curriculum;
• Have equality of access to learning and subjects of the curriculum;
• Experience a range of teaching methods;
• Are involved in integrated and subject -specific activities;
• Work individually and as a member of a group;
• Have their progress in the key skills of learning monitored and recorded;
• Work with a number of adults;
• Learn in a purposeful atmosphere where there is mutual respect and deep understanding

Competencies Fostered:

• Self - direction: the capacity to carry out independently and to take initiative
• Innovative abilities: The creative use of resources, alternative methods and explanations
• Problem-solving involving diagnostic ability, problem formulation, problem solving skills
• Analytical and Evaluative Skills
• Decision - Making Skills: Deciding what is relevant and what is not, what to include and what to leave out
• Integrative Skills: The synthesis of ides, experiences, and information from different sources and disciplines.
• Interpersonal communication

History of Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School
Managed by: Our visionary founder Dr. Jagdish Patil

He founded the school to provide quality education, and to foster all-round growth of a child. "Dr. Jagdish Patil" is the spirit and the soul of the school. As the primary Founder of the school, he is relentlessly working for its improvement. He has built a legacy that continues till today in the pristine glory of the environment. This visionary’s zeal and implicit faith in his beliefs has showered the school with intellectuals who are, were and will be role-models for generations to come.

He continued to be actively involved in the activities of the school and helping expand it in the true spirit of a ‘GURUKUL’.The presiding deity, Goddess Saraswati stands testimony to this noble venture.

Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School is the first of its kind to do away with traditional rigid teaching and to bring in classrooms , green boards to bring in an unique blend of western and Indian concepts in teaching. The aim of Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School is to provide students with fullest opportunity to develop, by means of the best in terms of both infrastructure as well as services, using the latest development in technology. It has now tied up with different sports club for all its indoor and outdoor sports activities. Each student of Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School is made to participate in various sport activities compulsory during school hours itself. The goal is to ensure that each child is good at atleast one sport of his choice.

Winning is just not an attitude or a rare distinction reserved for a select few. At Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School, it is believed to be an attitude and various consistent practices like systematic approach, hard + smart work and guidance. Coupled with right motivation, tutoring and premium environment such as state of the art libraries, laboratories and ambient classrooms environment attuned to keep the minds sharpest and most receptive, "winning can be made to be a habit with every student". This is the mission of Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School.


It is really a transformational chapter in my life to occupy this post with all dignity and honor. I feel it has impelled me to feel proud and privileged to carry on the responsibilities of the school as the head .To me, the school, no doubt, a testimony to hard work, knowledge, experience, system, care, efforts, development and all other essential elements required for perfection of human life and society along with the true spirit of education and values.
Education not only restricts to the intellectual development of a human being but also opens his mind to go beyond the horizon of what he gets by reading from books and find answers to the inexperienced problems that to come on the journey of life. Thus education empowers students to discover themselves in the world of quest and queries. Each and every child at the beginning of schooling possesses that potential which can make lead him/her to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, sports person, social activist, diplomat, economist or any other personality but it is the teacher who channelizes that potential and gives the right shape. The school management is enthused with vibrant spirit, dynamic vision, a focused ambition and sustained commitment.
The whole environment of the school reflects that the commendable performance of the school will definitely someday inspire somebody to write a new page in the history of this amazing place-Muktainagar.

What we believe in………………..
Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium CBSE School shows a path to the horizon

And maintains & updates itself on regular basis
Where technology culminates with tradition.
With latest resources and innovative activities.
My heart throbs at the zealous students
Whose body and soul vibrate at the utmost?
To reach somewhere and unfold all secrets
And empower themselves with the best.
And finally……..
To fly with large and strong wings to surge
And cherish their dreams devoid of tears.
Surely, Troubles will bow down with an urge
To bless them with Love, Peace and Happiness.

Mr. A. N. Masule

1) Online registration for admission is compulsory.
*Child age should be as per the below-mentioned criteria.
Nursery: Not below 2.8 years.
LKG: Not below 4 years.
UKG: Not below 5 years.
Class I: Not below 6 years.
Class II: Not below 7 years.
Class III: Not below 8 years.
Class IV: Not below 9 years.
Class V: Not below 10 years.

2) A student seeking admission shall produce the following documents
>>we need an attested copy of academic performance term I (formative/summative assessment or quarterly/ half-yearly) of the class in which the student is studying at present. This is not applicable for new admission (Nursery to Sr. kg)
>> Birth certificate
>> Medical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
>>Print of the online registration form.

3) The registered student will be called for a personal interview along with their parents. The same will be conveyed on their registered mobile number and email id.

4) The admission result will be notified on your registered mobile no and email id. Thereafter you can submit the admission fees at school;

5) Parents should furnish their active mobile number and email id.

6) Please note registration doesn't guarantee admission.

7) Once admission is taken will not be canceled.

Computer Lab

Firstly we believe in the use of technology in the classroom can enhance learning. There’s a whole world of tools online that allow teachers to provide more skill-building knowledge than ever before. Second, learning how to use a computer can provide even the youngest students with early knowledge of necessary job skills, from typing and basic research, to learning graphic design and HTML coding. In turn, these skills prepare students for better job opportunities. And third, computer skills allow a child to become exposed to new ways of thinking, using both their creative and logical thought processes. Math, science, art, and other subjects can be incorporated into lesson plans in fun and interesting ways for children of all ages and learning capabilities.

science lab


Importance of sports

We think the importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Increases in self-esteem and mental alertness make school sports and games necessary for every school age child. Not only does it empower youth and promote higher self-esteem, it also motivates students, enables them to earn better grades, especially in schools where obtaining certain grades is a pre-requisite to staying on the team. Numerous physical benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle after graduating.

Karte Classes at school

In karate, a child will learn to take a huge blow but still get up. This can translate into so many aspects of your child’s life. Your child will learn how to best take a hit and how to fully recover without feeling defeated. At Dr. Jagdish Patil English Medium School we believe kid’s karate classes can ultimately teach your child the importance of resilience.

Annual Function and Cultural Gadering

It is scientifically proven that music education and dance is a worthwhile investment for student's overall development.

Importance of cultural activities

Gone are the days when only academic programs were the only activities organised in schools and all students focused on that. With the changing trend we have noticed a major difference in the field of academics too. Students don’t want to be bookworms; they look for other options that could help them in the future. Besides, this in this high tech world, every student wants to acquire knowledge in every field to stay updated. Cultural activities play a vital role in the life of students.




















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Achievement    : gold medalist

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