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The World School International School, Pimpalgaon

Why This School?

The World international School, Pimpalgaon has been designed and developed to be a happy place where student teacher (facilitator) relationships grow into strong bonds.

The most important person in our school is the pupil and the most vital asset is the teacher .What integrates them as perfect learning partners is our curriculum in which we have invoked the most effective approaches for the total development of our children.

We have divided or entire syllabus into monthly and daily activities and assignments so that you can track the growth of your kid. This is something unique that no other school is doing in the education field.

Preparing young learners to shine in the 21st century requires a school that is well equipped to understand and handle the needs of this age. These learners are technology savvy, interactive and quick to grasp. They listen to whoever connects well with them, understands and motivates them.

The world International School, Pimpalgaon promises to engage your child in realizing his/her inner potential as we consider every child as unique, enabling him undertake an exciting collaborative journey towards real achievement and growth.

Mrs. Bidkar

Today is an exciting time to be in education in India and be a part of the revolution in education as it gathers momentum in new age schools like The World International School, Pimpalgaon.

Surely and steadily the student is taking center stage with a shift of focus to the individual’s process of learning in the knowledge that if the process is right the product will inevitably be right.

The emphasis has shifted from Curriculum/Content to life skills and syllabus is but a tool to equip the student to live a fruitful life as he grows. This process will not only equip the student with skills for independent life long learning to be able to adapt successfully in a rapidly changing world but also develop a rich character and a sound world view.

No doubt, this is not an easy task but for sincere commitment there are many avenues available to make the journey. It is my privilege to guide and facilitate the journey of "The World School, Pimpalgaon".

At "The World International School, Pimpalgaon" we aim to create a happy and exciting place where relationships between students , teachers and parents are strong and mutually respectful. We will not mould our students into what we want them to be , but help them discover what is within.

Our children will be the core of our efforts, as we strive to create responsible individuals who will be agents of positive change in the world. We aim to help them become humane and adaptable individuals in the changing global scenario, using technology to link schools and young people around the world.

We aim to nurture our children to become contented human beings with inquiring minds to ready themselves for the challenges and times that lie ahead. For this our curriculum is waiting to embrace you and your child as our learning partner.

Mrs. Bidkar

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