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S. A. M. English Medium School, Shahada [Primary Section]

Why This School?

The S.A.M.English Medium School is recognised as a Quality Education providing institution in the District of Nandurbar since its inception in 1967. It has a precious heritage of a number of students who had outnumbered many in their life and career. Even though this institution is based in a tribal region which is quite backward in Human Resource Building, many students have proved their quality and competitiveness in the world of tough competitions. Our valued students have proved their worth in their career with integration of wisdom and values they have acquired during their studies.

The school has been impacting the students and the community together for a better education and literacy standing. You will find our students now impacting others in all walks of life. In the city we have students who own their shops and business, they have developed their standards because of the English education they have had. There are others who have achieved great success in professional careers.You can find them in the field of Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, other sciences and paramedics in India and outside of India.

Mrs. Veena Valvi

S.A.Mission English Medium School is the pioneer in Nandurbar, which was founded by the Swedish Missionary Rev. Olhsson on 1st December 1967 with the aim of imparting the quality education through english in this tribal area.The school is managed by Suvarta Alliance Ministries Trust.

Swedish Missionaries established educational institutes, hostels for the less priviledged where as English Medium School was established with the aim of preparing pupils who could go for professional courses such as medical, engineering, law etc.

The school pays attention to academic excellence as well as multifaceted development of pupils. Including the moral values, leadership qualities, manners,etiquettes are considered equally important.

A warm welcome to S.A.M. Educational hub where we are privileged to provide co-education to boys and girls starting from the age 3 at Kindergarten to high school graduation in English as a medium of instruction.

The parents of our students invest in their pupil’s lives because they see the world around them which needs to see the vision their children fulfill, critical problems are being solved by creativity of their children, and their lives being shaped by strong ethical and moral values.

It aims at: Providing best of education in English as a medium of instruction. It also aspires at making students academically competent by providing creative and innovative teaching methods in order to kindle students’ spirit of curiosity so that the students become quality learners throughout.

For admission into the school the following information must be given.
- Name and Surname, Date and place of birth, Religion and Caste and Leaving Certificate.
- If coming from another school the leaving certificate must be produced.
- New pupils must be accompained by their parents or guardians.

1. The School year is divided into two terms beginning in June and November respectively.
Parents and guardians are earnestly asked to co-operate with the school authorities and see that their children,or ward assemble on the school ground five minutes before the first warning bell.
2. Five minutes before the beginning of first session at the time of warning bell all must immediately from the classes go for the assembly and the second bell, recite the prayers and walk back in silence to their class room.
3. At end of each period the students should silently wait for their next teacher. At the end of each session all the children should leave the classes accompained by the teacher.
4. When the attendance roll is called each pupil must rise and respectfully answer to her/his name similarly when a superior enters the class they should stand.
5. No pupil is allowed to leave the class room without the teachers permission or until the class is dismissed.
6. In the absence of the teacher, the class leader will be responsible for the order and discipline of the class.
7. When pupils move along the corridors, as and when changing classes they must walk in silence and in single file.
8. Books, Magazines or Newspapers approved by the H.M are allowed to be brought to school.
Irregular attendance habitual in attention, on behaviour, insubordination to teachers, any kind of cheating or serious misconduct even outside the school premises are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.
9. All pupils must be clean and tidy in their personal dress and manner Parents are requested to send their children to school tidily dressed wearing black leather shoes and green socks and the school uniform without which they will be refused admission to class. They should always keep their books clean,neatly covered with their name written on them. Scribbling on books, desks, walls etc. is absolutely forbidden. It shows a wan of good breeding and highly prejudicial to the good tone of the school.
10. Any damage done in the school premises is to be made good.Books should be provided within one week from the opening of the school.
11. Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the HM/Incharge.
12. Pupils are forbidden to give their teachers individual or collective presents.
13. The school does not accept the responsibility for the loss of book, money etc. Each pupil has to be responsible for her/his own belongings. They are advised to bring their books etc. securely placed in a bag they should not have money or other valuable articles with them.
14. The school fees are to be paid in advance by the 15th of each month Fees for May are due early in April. The fees up to and inclusive of May must be paid by all those who leave school after 31st January. The school takes Development fund once a year.
15. New pupil must pay their entrance fee which is equal to the fee for one month and the fee for the first terkm in advance.
16. Parents and guardians unable to pay the fee, on the specifies day shall on the same day write too the HM stating when they will settle the accounts. If fees are not paid by the 15th of each months the pupils will be sent home or will have to pay fine.
17. Fees must also be paid for all the months during which the pupil name has been carried on the register even if the pupil has been absent during the months.
18. No pupil will be allowed to sit for any examination unless the fees are fully paid.
19. The intended withdrawal of a pupil should be notified at least a month in advance by a responsible person in writing otherwise her/his name will be kept on the register and corresponding fee will be charged.
20. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed. Pupil's may not enter another classroom or in the teachers room without the persmission of teacher.
21. No pupil suffering from contagious of infectious disease will be admitted to class.
Every teacher must obtain the written sanction of the H.M. before he/ she under takes any private tution.
22. Pupils must have a proper hair cut. The boys must have short hair (Long hair or fanciful hair cut is not allowed). The girls may cut their short(Bob Cut) or must tie two plaits with two black ribbons, in the case of long hair. No hair must come in front of the eyes. Plain black hairband may be allowed to keep the hair from falling in the front, as the school does not encourage any type of fashion or fad.
23. Jewellery and ornament are not allowed because we come to school to obtain knowledge but keeping with our Indian culture, we have allowed to use of ear-rings. The rings must be of the stud(dot) type of a simple ring with no fancy designs on in.
24. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones(mobile, pendrive CDS etc)

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