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Why This School?

Key Features of Era Public School:
- Our environment is conducive to learning, self-awareness and discovery.
- Pedagogy, manpower and infrastructure are all aligned to deliver the above.
- An optimum average strength of 35 students is maintained in all grades so that individual attention is provided.vvvvv
- The facilitators keep the students engaged productively, leading to strong academic foundation.
- FRGGWe identify and focus on the areas of interest, including co-curricular activities.
- Pedagogy is built around learning by doing, through activities, experiential learning, - presentation, questioning and validation.
- State Board curriculum and standards will be followed, which would lead to an excellent success rate.
- Safe transport facility is provided for all day boarding scholars from across Nandurbar district.
- Engaging and holistic activities for all students.
- English is the only language spoken at the academy, to create an environment conducive for students to imbibe this language.
- Second language is Hindi.
- Parents will have access to their wards’ progress, online, at all times.

Great Facilities are provided in our campus.
- Activity and Resource Rooms
- Computer and Language Lab: Consists of computers with required software for curriculum and co-curricular activities. Head phones and media required for language learning.
- Math and Resource Lab: Consists of models, equipment and tools required for training, activities and learning
- Physics and Life Skill Lab: Latest equipment and infrastructure, conducive for practical experiment and learning
- Chemistry, Biology and Culinary Lab: To create love and understanding of this subject, proper equipment, samples, charts, media and infrastructure are provide.
- Security: The entire school campus would be under surveillance through CCTV cameras and monitored by security personnel, to ensure safety of our students and staff.
- Transport Facility: Safe transport facility would be provided for all day boarding students, through our own school buses with proper attendants on board
- Medical Facility: Regular medical check dfdfgdfg
- Power Facility: Stand-by generator at the campus shall ensure 24 hours power supply for the entire campus.

Shri. Vinay Majahan


Highest % Score of 4th
Highest % Score of 5th


Welcome to a new era! It’s about time you sent your child to a school, which delivers its promise of inspiring teachers, wonderful amenities and good infrastructure. Our philosophy and pedagogy places Era Public School a cut above the rest.
Era Public School promoted by "Shantabai Samajik Shaikshanik Sanstha, Khapar" is committed to the all-round development of students. The larger idea is to infuse in students a sense of purpose, thereby showing them the path which they have to traverse. It’s important to spot the talent and guide the students at a very young age, so as to condition the young minds appropriately.
The school campus is spread over a sprawling acre of pollution free environment. Era Public School (EIS) offers quality education from Pre-KG to Grade 6, following Maharashtra State Board syllabus. This English medium co-education school offers quality education to every child.

The school strongly believes that world-class education is the stepping-stone to progress. With a long-standing commitment towards quality teaching and learning, the group has nurtured values that go into the making of successful careers. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the school encourage individuals to think, question, explore and apply their well-honed minds to scale newer heights of success. The school believes in imparting education that'll build world citizens of tomorrow.

From today onwareds......

Education is the womb in which our society reproduces and recreates the promising future for the child. These noble ideas commence with a commitment from parents, teachers and the National Integrated Holistic curriculum together.
“Vision gives us the impulse to make the picture of our own. ”Aim of Era Public School" is to inculcate the aesthetic and sensual experience of a holistic education into our children. We are well aware of the most crucial phase of a child’s life where the marks we leave, every small memory, experience and impression play a decisive role in molding one’s personality. The kind of education we impart to a child at Era Public School lays the foundation of life and shapes their destiny. We seek to develop the love and enjoyment of learning as well as intellectual curiosity. We want our children to equip with the skills and the resilience needed to deal with the challenges of a career and family responsibilities ahead. Era offers a modern, holistic and integrated system of teaching, which molds its students into free thinkers who can easily function as global citizens.We are the school with:
A warm, safe and welcoming atmosphere.
A professional Team who work and plan cooperatively, and always seek what is best for students.
A space wherein the students engage and learn the challenges in order to meet their potential thus allowing no time for inappropriate behavior.
A school where child’s growth is measured, documented, valued, and utilized to ensure ongoing, consistent improvement both for the individual student and the school as a whole.
A school which equips the Team with the updated knowledge through continuous formal trainings and support; in order to implement the best practices for our students.
Era Public School is a collaborative junction wherein the Team, parents and children work together, respect one another and create a conducive environment in the school ambience. We truly remember that parents are our partners and we will uphold their trust on us. With this note, Era Public School welcomes you and your children into the space of learning where fun and values are taught and valued in day to day lives.

Yogesh Sonar
Era Public School

1) Online registration for admission is compulsory. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
*Child age should be as per below mentioned criteria.
Nursery : Not below 2.8 years.
LKG : Not below 4 years.
UKG : Not below 5 years.
Class I : Not below 6 years.
Class II : Not below 7 years.
Class III : Not below 8 years.
Class IV : Not below 9 years.
Class V : Not below 10 years.
2) Student seeking admission shall produce the following documents
>>we need attested copy of academic performance term I ( formative / summative assessment or quarterly/ half yearly) of the class in which the student is studying at present. This is not applicable for new admission (Nursery to Sr. kg)
>> Birth certificate
>> Medical fitness certificate from registered practitioner.
>>Print of the online registration form.
3) Registered student will be called for a personal interview along with their parents. The same will be conveyed on their registered mobile no and email id.
4) Admission result will be notified on your registered mobile no and email id. Thereafter you can submit the admission fees at school;
5) Parents should furnish their active mobile no and email id.
6) Please note registration doesn't guarantee admission.
7) Once admission is taken will not be cancelled.

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Student Name : Kalyani Jain

Achievement    : Dance Competition winner

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