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Why This School?

Welcome to L. H. Patil English Medium School, Jalgaon. We understand your desire for providing best to your child.At L. H. Patil English Medium School we follow new paths to provide best to our
students.Our motto is all round development of your child. So, we strive to create an environment
that is caring and where learners can achieve personal experience.While appointing staff, our highest priority is to have qualified teachers, who are motivated and enthusiastic and have a passion for teaching. A healthy relationship between the students and teachers will enhance quality learning.I assure you, students at L. H. Patil English Medium School, Jalgaon will imbibe ethical values and a 'Can Do' attitude to help them with their learning.We have spacious interactive classrooms and playground facilities which will encourage our students to enhance their inter personal skills and mould better citizens for our country.Come and join the opportunities of unlimited learning.
Let Us Nurture the greatest natural resource MIND.
With Best Wishes,


Our Motto
" Let us Nurture the Future of your Child ".

Our Vision
(A blend of quality education, Strong value system and Cultural values )
Enable your children to have their own distinct identity in the modern and technology-driven world. We are committed to ignite their minds.

Our Mission
To prepare 21st century students by using latest technology.
To provide disciplined yet contemporary lifestyle.
To ensure all round development of children.
To discover innate qualities of an individual and nurture them.
To keep the traditional value system intact.

L.H.Patil English Medium School, Jalgaon is situated 5.Km away from Jalgaon city. It is on the way to Pachora on the center to rail lines, airways, roadways connecting to major cities. It has a hill side view with the blessing of Lord Ganesh, the pollution free campus.

Trust Committee:-

1 Shri. Lalsing Hilalsing Patil - Chairman
2 Shri. Virendra Lalsing Patil - Vice Chairman
3 Mr. Ajinkya J. Rajput - Secretary
4 Mrs. Archana Rajenddra Patil - Treasurer
5 Mrs. Vaishali Jitendra Patil - Director
6 Mr. Kunal Jitendra Rajput - Director
7 Miss. Ishani Virendrasing Rajput -Director

School Management Committee:-

1 Mr. Lalsing H. Patil Chairman
2 Mr. Kunal Jitendra Rajput Vice – Chairman
3 Mrs. Shilpa Ajit Malara Secretary
4 Jayashri Murlidhar Pati Educationist Member
5 Mr. Mathew Abraham Educationist Member
6 Mr. Jitendra B.Marathe Member
7 Mrs.Bharti V.Borse Member
8 Mrs. Swapnaja Shah Member
9 Mr.Khalil H.Khan Member
10 Mr. Rajnish M.Rane Member
11 Mr. Kishor D. Gunjal Member
12 Mr. Atul S. Patil Member

To provide each & every necessary thing to our kids in 21st century is not every ones cup of tea, number of reasons are there. Education field now a day it is a business to become rich or earn easy money. It is very difficult for the educated parents to identify the best with their financial limits. If this is the educated peoples condition of metropolitan cities / big cities what about the common man who lives in village & what about Gandhi’s vision & message – “back to village”. The changing picture of village particularly for literacy is very pleasant one. I understand & appreciate the heartfelt desire & opportunities to the kids by the illiterate parents specially from rural area, slum area which are neglected by 21st century race.
I am proud to work on such neglected area of 21st century for whom sky is the limit.
Life is race, live it & don’t leave it. As we as a school & you as parents, supporters will come together to help our kids to win the race of life.
I sincerely solicit your blessing. Support, Co-operation to achieve success in this holy task.

Admission Criteria:
Minimum Age Limit
Nursery - 3 years
Jr. Kg - 4 years
Sr. Kg - 5 years
1st - 6 years
2nd - 7 years
1) We accept the student of all caste & creeds. No description on the basis of poor rich, male-female.
2) Though here is no written test, walk in for interaction with the school to know the grasping power, expression. Attitude, academic syllabus covered in previous class (if it is for primary section) curiosity of the child.
3) Personal interaction with the child & parents.
4) If the child satisfies all the admission & eligibility requirements including the fees, can come out with the admission latter.
5) Applications are available in school office during school hours on all working days.
School hours 8.00 am to 2.00 pm

Rule & Regulations:-

1) It is advisable not to send a pupil suffering from infectious or contagious disease to school. A medical certificate showing that pupil is free from infection should be produced when she / he rejoin the School.
2) All are expected to speak English in the class room and in the campus for ordinary conversation.
3) If for any reason the guardian desire that his child should return from the school before the school time he shall send a note to the effect indicating the reason.
4) The result each examination will be issued on the said day to all those who have paid all their dues.Answer paper of annual exams shall not be shown to parents and students.
5) 90% attendance is compulsory for every student in all classes to appear for all examinations.
6) Parents & Guardians should please accompany pupils at the time of admission & fill the application in the prescribed form provided by the school. They will be responsible for the regularity & discipline of their ward.
7) Admission will be given on payment of admission fees. School fee of the month, term fees. Fees will not be refunded even if the pupil, for some reason or the other leaves the school immediately after admission.
8) Pupil once admitted will have to obey the rule & regulations of the school.
9) Parents & guardians are requested to see that their words are punctual in the school & attend to their homework properly and regularly.
10) No parent or guardian will see teacher during the working hours.
11) None of the pupils having irregular attendance,unjustified or unexplained absence more than 7 working days,habitual disobedience etc. may be struct of without notice.
12) The school will not be responsible for lost of books, money, clothes or any other valuable things with them in school. Pupils are warned not to put ornaments when come to School.
13) Pupils are expected to follow strictly the rules of cleanliness and hygiene. No one should throw papers, seeds etc. anywhere in the school premises.
14) Pupils are not allowed to go out of school premises without obtaining permission from the class teacher or the principal.
15) Parent and Guardian are requested to sign all the reports from the school. Particular attention must be paid to the uniform which must be neat and clean.
16) No application for leave or absence will be considered unless made in writing personally by parents or guardians. Leave will be granted only on reasonable ground, leave must be asked in advance except in case of sickness.
17) Parents desiring to see the principal or the class teacher in connection with the program or and other matter concerning their wards should see them during the office timing only.
18) No, Pupil will be allowed to sit for any examination unless all the dues are paid.
19) Parents and guardians are expected to co-operate with school authorities. They are requested to see the progress record of their wards from time to time.
20) Task Class Defaulter pupil will be detained for a task class in addition to school hours and slips indicating the nature of the fault, the date on which the task class is to attended will be issued to the pupils for obtaining permission of their guardians for information.
21) Medical Examination: Every pupils will be required to undergo medical examination, and make sure that entries are properly made. Parents requested to go through medical examination reports. They are also requested to act according to remarks made there in.
22) There will be a medical check up twice a year.
23) Pupils must bring the school diary to school everyday.
24) Pupils should come to school in time daily, cleanly dressed and in full school uniform.
25) Disrespect, abusive language, dishonesty and disobedience will be dealt with severely.
26) Pupils should be healthy and clean in their habits and moderate in their behaviour.
27) A damage done to the school property has to be compensated by parents of pupils concerned.
28) No ornaments should be worn by girls or boys.
29) Pupils are forbidden to write on the furniture or walls of the school and throw paper, ink etc. in the class rooms or in the premises.
30) When the National Anthem is sung, Pupils will stand; join the singing with devotion and respect.
31) Each pupil should endeavor to keep the high tone to the school by excelling in good manners.
32) Pupils should be respectful to teachers, supervisor and visitors, polite and courteous to all, ready to oblige and always endeavoring to maintain good order and rules of decorum.

Computer Lab

As computer is an integral part of day today life we feel our students must get familiar with advanced versions in computer. The school has provided a well settled computer lab with internet connection & projects in the lab to update the thirst for knowledge.

Science Lab

Hands on learning for highest form of understanding help students to remember the concepts better.to develop carefulness & observation skill through practicals.

Sports Event

Sports in the life of young students is invaluable and goes much further than the basic answer that it helps kids of all sorts but in life of a student’s physical & health education can be used to raise the self-esteem of young students and give them confidence, For the same the school has made available various indoor and outdoor games.

Play Ground

The huge playgrounds provide an inspiration for our students to raise the bar of their competition and prove their inner potential in various track and field games. Sports are given utmost importance and are part of our curriculum. Whether for fun, fitness or the thrill of serious competition, our sports program offers our students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of sports and participate at the level of their choice.

School Annul Gathering


Arts and Music Room


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